• FarmHouse is an international fraternity that was founded on April 15th, 1905 at the University of Missouri. There were seven men that founded the original FarmHouse. They had an idea of a club where young men could “find a place to live and work together to promote our mutual interests in stimulating companionship and fellowship.” They chose to call their club “FarmHouse,” both to distinguish themselves from Greek organizations (some of which did not have best reputation at the time), but also to exemplify agriculture and rural living.


    Today, FarmHouse has grown to over 30 chapters in the US and Canada, and has several thousand alumni. FarmHouse chapters are mostly found at Land-Grant colleges and universities, where agriculture is still a popular course of study. Growth has been slow and careful. FarmHouse is dedicated more to the propagation of quality chapters rather than a sheer number.Old House