• Recruitment FAQs


    Q: How do I join FarmHouse?

    A: You can be recruited to join FarmHouse during anytime during the year.  Maybe a friend or the guy you study with thinks that you would be a great addition to our house.  Also, FarmHouse participates in the Intra Fraternity Council's Rush Week.  During this week (usually held at the beginning of every semester) we have exciting events such as golf and go-carts at Thunder Road, swing dancing lessons, bonfires, ect where potential new members are welcome to come over and get aquainted with our members.

    If the members feel that you have the qualities of a FarmHouse man and that you would be a good fit, you will receive a bid. A bid is a formal invitation to join FarmHouse. We don't allow just anyone into our fraternity, so to receive a bid is an honor.



    Q: What can I do if my parents have concerns about fraternities?

    A: If possible, we'd like to meet or talk with them and explain about how FarmHouse is a different kind of fraternity than you see in movies and read in the news.  Being part of a fraternity can offer you real world experience and opportunities not enjoyed by people in the dorms or off campus.  If your parents still aren't convinced, they are more than welcome to talk to any of our parents, who are all aware of the change FarmHouse has had on our lives.  Of course, the decision is one that you and your parents have to make and we respect that.



    Q: So do you have a "hell week" with hazing and stuff?

    A: One of our mottos is: "you can't build men by tearing down boys" and we take it very seriously.  None of us joined FarmHouse to be humiliated and mistreated, and we don't expect anyone else to have to endure such things either.  We abide by FarmHouse International's anti-hazing policy as well as NDSU Greek Life's anti-hazing policy.


    Q: Do I have to be in an Ag major to join FarmHouse?

    A: FarmHouse membership is open to men studying any major.  While agriculture is in our roots and guides our morals, you will find men of all backgrounds among our members.



    Q: Why do you have a pledge period?

    A: Quite simply, your pledge semester is an introductory time. Becoming a member of FarmHouse is a big decision. We want to make sure that FarmHouse is the right organization for you, and that you are the right person for FarmHouse.


    During your first semester with FarmHouse, you will spend time getting to know your fellow new members, pick a member to be your 'big brother' who will guide you through your FarmHouse experience, learn about the history of the house and meet many alumni members.  Again, you will not be treated like a lesser person or hazed; our goal is to make this one of the most exciting experiences in FarmHouse.


    To the parents of NDSU students:

    Your son has many opportunities to develop himself at North Dakota State University, and I sincerely hope that he takes advantage of the ones that come his way.  Please allow me to explain why your son should consider FarmHouse as one of those opportunities.


    Since 1905 FarmHouse Fraternity has been developing men just like your son.  We are the “Builder of Men.”  That sounds good on paper, but what does it really mean? 


    FarmHouse strives to develop the whole man using a four-fold approach: intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.  Our International Fraternity carries a 3.02 GPA, and the NDSU chapter holds a 3.227 GPA; we are serious about academics!  Members compete in the University’s intramural sports programs, and develop their own work-out routines.  While in FarmHouse men learn rules of table etiquette and how to conduct themselves as gentlemen.  We encourage everyone to attend a church of their choosing, and to participate in Bible studies and spiritual discussions held by the chapter.


    FarmHouse has successfully built men when other groups have failed.  How?  We at FarmHouse firmly believe that “You can’t build men by tearing down boys.”  We adhere to a policy of "no hazing" which means that every part of our new member education program is suitable to video record and air on TV.  I’m proud of our new member education program, and I’m happy to share the details.  Another key to the success of FarmHouse lies in our alcohol-free chapter housing.  Dry housing ensures that our chapter always remains focused on the primary reason your son traveled to Fargo: getting an education.


    If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  Also, check out the FarmHouse International website,